What I Learned From A College Baseball Player’s Mistake

One of the fastest ways to kill your band’s chances of success is to be a flake…

Even if the rest of the band is reliable, if you bail too often you probably won’t last long in the band, or the music business in general.

You have to treat being in a band like you would a job – you show up when you’re supposed to show up.

Another thing to remember is that if you neglect your responsibilities, your bandmates suffer too – just like the college baseball player I mention in this story.

Check it out today, and remember: if you commit to a show, you better be there unless there is an extremely valid reason for you not to show up… Otherwise you could be killing your band’s career.

And, if you do have to cancel, have the decency to do it as far in advance as possible!

What do you think, are you a reliable bandmate or do you need to work on things?

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